TV Box, supporting 4K@>60 Hz and Satellite TV

Hi, Sirs !

May you, please, list me your equipment I should buy to build a TV box, supporting 4K@ >60Hz T2 and S2 (satellite) live TV ?
What OS you recommend to install ?

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I think vim2,vim2 pro will suit you

As for the OS, I think Android is good for this!

good luck!

Hi !
As @Vladimir.v.v suggested you may go with the VIM2 and VTV extension, but 4K >60Hz may be a question, please ask anybody who is using the VTV with what resolution they have achieved…

I don’t see a problem

If it is supported then no problem, It will make a good VTV box :slightly_smiling_face:

definitely ,buddy

Thanks a lot, friends !

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Vladimir, if VIM3 Pro can also be used +vTv board ? The idea is to have more powerful computer.
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at the moment, I see only such information

Khadas VTV


  • VIM2 v1.4 and later

  • VIM2 v1.2 and earlier

You could buy a VIM 3 Pro and than use a USB tuner such as the below:

I use this currently along with a cheap Xbox tuner with my VIM 3 Pro via a powered USB hub.


as they say, you can always find a way out. Thanks for the additional information.

What about software?


I am running CoreELEC on the box. You need to use the Crazycat drivers for the TBS USB tuner to work. This is an easy switch in the software. I then run a TV Headend server on the VIM 3.


Great, Alex, thank you very much ! :clap:

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If you have any problems with setup please let me know. The only issue the the TBS tuner is that it is a single channel tuner in either DVB-S or DVT-T, you cannot run both at the same time hence the Xbox tuner in my setup since I have a couple of client boxes.