Turn on khadas edge2

Can i turn on and off khadas edag2 through my remote control ?

And which remote control is the best and compitable with khadas edag2?

Hardware is supported. You need to have an IO board (with an infrared receiver).

On the software, the MCU defaults to prohibiting infrared remote control startup. You need to execute the following adb command to open it. (If the following command is executed and the infrared remote control cannot be turned on, it is estimated that the mcu firmware on your board is too old and needs to be updated.)

kedge2:/ # i2cset -fy 2 0x18 0x2f 1 b

The current Android firmware will pop up a shutdown and restart window by long pressing the power infrared button, but the infrared remote control cannot be selected. You need to make the following modifications, so long pressing the power button will directly shut down:

frameworks/base$ git diff
--- a/core/res/res/values/config.xml
+++ b/core/res/res/values/config.xml
@@ -977,7 +977,7 @@
<!-- Control the behavior when the user long presses the power button.
            0 - Nothing
            1 - Global actions menu
            2 - Power off (with confirmation)
            3 - Power off (without confirmation)
            4 - Go to voice assist
            5 - Go to assistant (Settings.Secure.ASSISTANT)
-    <integer name="config_longPressOnPowerBehavior">1</integer>
+    <integer name="config_longPressOnPowerBehavior">3</integer>