Tune 2 pro LED color confusing

I know t2p use different color for different format and always the same color for volume.

when changing format, LED color only splash for about 1 second. and color changes back to default cyanish color. But this really confusing me.

Why not set the volume color to the format color? for example, when playing DSD, the color stays white, when playing pcm, the color stays at yellow.


Yeah it would be better

wonder who really looks at the lights anyway.Once setup Tone 2 pro does it’s thing and flashes for itself.
the Foobar gives you all that info you need !

Yeah. That, and depending on where I’m sitting, the dial blocks my view of 25% to 33% of the indicator anyway.

actually ,my biggest issue with the tone 2 pro is trying to find a way to sweep the dust from under the push/pull knob ! Other than that ,sound is ‘awesome’

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Anyway it would be great to have a ‘mode’ like other ‘double pushes’(source select or gain select) to see the format light all the time. Cuz if you have connected to some streaming devices(like rp4) it is hard to say what is playing without accessing to the player UI.

We did think about this particular possibility. However it was decided that the various colors should be used to indicate the current mode, rather than the file format to avoid confusion.

Since a majority of people don’t care too much about the file format; just how awesome the music sounds. But I do agree with you that for testers and evaluators having to see the file format is important.

For example I needed to check if the driver is allowing bit-perfect playback, and not PCM conversion. So often times if I missed the format-color-flash, I would have to stop and restart the track playback again to check the color flash once more.

I second this feature! I’d rather be able to see what the file format is. As audiophile kit, it must be a popular choice!