ttyS4 android not able to use

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I am not able to use ttyS4 port in android when i opening port it’s not able to read and not able to open port.

Hello @Pradeep_Kumar_Upadhy

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@Pradeep_Kumar_Upadhy My verification is OK, please provide me with your detailed verification methods and steps.

Hi @goenjoy
I have download latest VIM4 android-11 and flash the code in board.

  1. First i have connect custom board with gpu-pin (pin-20 Vcc, pin 17Gnd, pin 16 Tx, pin 15 Rx).
  2. In android source code we are trying to open (/dev/tty4) port.
  3. Some time it’s coming failed to open port and some time nothing is reading from the port.

@Pradeep_Kumar_Upadhy From this point, it can be determined that your hardware is malfunctioning.
So you need to eliminate hardware level issues first. You can verify my inference through the following methods. Do not connect your customized board externally, just short it to pins 15 and 16.

In addition, you also need to troubleshoot software hierarchy issues, so you need to download reliable APK from the internet for verification.

Hi @goenjoy
I have older code which is approx 4 month ago in that code if i am connecting with same process, it working fine. In new code camera app also came before it was not there so can you check is it require to change anything on kvim3l.dt file or something else.

@Pradeep_Kumar_Upadhy This is vim4, what is the relationship with vim3l?
Also, you’d better follow my request to troubleshoot the problem first. Or you can provide specific methods to prove that the latest version of firmware is problematic. After all, there is no problem verifying the latest version of firmware on my end.