TS050 with Server 4.9 (1.0.7) not working

So my LCD on the VIM3 with Server 4.9 (v1.0.7) does not work UNLESS i have an HDMI screen plugged in when I reboot the VIM3 and then quickly unplug it once the Khadas logo shows. Then the LCD screen works and the text is not scrambled. Without that HDMI connected for the first second the screen just is not usable. Any ideas what to do to fix? I have the mipi_lcd_enabled=true in /boot/env.txt and i have both hdmi_autodetect= and hdmi= lines commented out.

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@Frank any suggestion?

Please remove the HDMI cable and just attach the TS050, you don’t need any other setup.

it doesn’t work. it boots, shows for few seconds, then scrambles the screen

And then gets to this

@Frank when it starts booting it shows the messages for maybe 3-4 seconds, then it scrambles

@numbqq sorry, i kept tagging Frank

I checked https://dl.khadas.com/Firmware/VIM3/Ubuntu/EMMC/VIM3_Ubuntu-server-focal_Linux-4.9_arm64_EMMC_V1.0.7-210625.img.xz

The screen works without problem on my side.

Have you did some modifications to the system? You don’t need any setup, just flash the image above it should work.

i have the SD version of that

@numbqq is there a difference between EMMC and SD one?

yes, there is a timing issue in the SD image, I have experienced this in the past, this causes screen to work but the image is distorted, I don’t know a correct solution for it other than modify the timing in the kernel specifically for SD images

Have you erased the image in eMMC?

I haven’t tried that, I will test and get back

I tried wiping emmc with krescue’s EMMC fast clean but now device is not booting from USB, must it specifically be on SD card ?

If you erase the eMMC then you can only boot from the SD card, there is no bootloader in USB storage.

ok verified, after erasing eMMC, and running from SD card touchscreen works perfectly,
thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello @Electr1

Could you please tell me which image is in the eMMC?

I had android in the eMMC, but I again I did emmc fast erase in krescue