TS050 Touchscreen Youtube review

I Made a review of the TS050 touchscreen, along with a VIM3

The Videography and camera quality isn’t the top notch like @tsangyoujun , but I am still working on it


buddy, it was amazing!

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Excellent video and presentation, thanks for posting it. Do you know of any way to enlarge the text and/or Icons using the VIM3 and TS050?


I don’t know if the Icon size can be increased here, I have never tried to do it, the display is just 5 inches in size, so its only a few inches from my eyeballs and I can compensate for it,

If there is anything that can be done to increase icon/font size I will do my best to inform to you ASAP…

Nice Vid, but I think you got cheated on that round of PT. :astonished:
Good to see I am not the only one who’s fan is re-assignable.

Yeah, LVL 10 difficulty seems like LVL1 for the first 3 rounds, then it goes in to battering ram mode and will get every single strike, no other reason for me to put that joke after I finish that game finishes :grin:

Oh, yes it just moves here and there from time to time (it is unanchored and that Newton’s 3rd law just a pain, and makes it dance around on the top), but t does the cooling job well you might have seen some of the thermal stress tests I performed on it… It is a master of taming the heat :smiley:

For my VIM3, I still have not selected a HS for it, so it gets the fan only. I want to try the new passive HS from Khadas, will pick up a couple on my next order.

I’ll be using this setup (probably without a fan) for my Tablet build, ( waiting for parts to arrive for it),
Maybe stick the fan on the back with some kind of mounting points…

If I get the chance to get another different Khadas board …
(anything proposed in the future like RK3588), and some other stuff,
The VIM3 will retire and become my family entertainment center,
and I will give it real water cooling… :sunglasses:

and I will use the new board as a Tablet (maybe even a laptop) :slight_smile:

My videography is far from top-notch. :smile:

I get by with what I have available in the office.

Great video by the way, its informative.

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Thank you !, but I still consider you to be my Videography Sensei :blush:

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