TS050 3D Printer Case

Any case designs for an Edge 2 Maker and TS050 for FDM 3D Printing?

Hello @Andrew_Ernest

please check out this design:

@Electr1 looks great! I’m going to print it today.

I like the modular spacer idea. It provides an opportunity to insert an battery and always-on charger between the screen and Edge 2 board in the future.

Great work!

Would you mind sharing the raw 3D models for your printables? I love both this case and the one you made for the Edge-V, but would like to do some small modifications (mainly add space for the juice board and the battery), which isn’t exactly straightforward to do with STL files.

Hi @fonix232

That model was simply made in tinkercad so there aren’t any other export methods unfortunately.