Triangle head screws?

Somebody might have already mentioned/complained about this, but I didn’t find it in a search.

What’s the purpose of using triangle head screws on the VIM3L case? I can’t believe it’s to make it tamper resistant, since it is a hacker board, and I can buy the bare board without the case.

At the very least it’s going to cost me a set of screws and the hassle of finding screws of that exact size, and that assumes I can get the screws out without buying s special tool.

Please consider switching out the triangle head screws for something more standard.

FWIW, a T6 torx tip will work if you make sure to push in hard when you’re loosening the screw, and the screws appear to be M2x18.

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Also a jeweler’s screwdriver of a certain size can be used on the security fasteners. The screw is M2-.4. A 2mm screw. I picked up some at one of the big box stores, very inexpensive. The Bay also has many options.
Not sure why the security screws are used, but like an Allen head, they are visually appealing.:slightly_smiling_face:

By the way, when the DIY case is sold as a standalone, it comes with a driver for the TA security bit.
Khadas offers a fastener kit with the driver.

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