Touchscreen with coreelec

I have attempted to use the ts050 with coreelec without success; did I do something wrong or are there still no drivers?



It would Helpful if you can explain what happened after you attempted to use coreelec and what can you see on hdmi out.

I doubt corelec have ts050 support in the kernel they’re using.

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I don’t have the display, but I have seen that HDMI needs to be disconnected for TS050 to work. I do not know if that applies here.

when I turn on the vim3 with coreelec the screen also turns on but remains dark gray (even if for a few seconds a red spot appears on the right). On the coreelec forum I have already confirmed that the ts050 is not yet supported.
My goal is to assemble a dap to listen, for example, to tidal: until yesterday evening I thought that the only software to do this was mconnect + kodi, since with the tidal app on android the sound quality is low.
Then last night I tried usb audio player pro and it seems to me that it works well (I’m still testing it): if it were confirmed, I would no longer need coreelec