Touch screen support on official android image

Hi @goenjoy and friends, I would like to ask a question about touch screen supported on the edge2 android system. I tried the edge2 with khadas android 12 image on two Gechic portable monitors, there are wired on gechic T151a monitor, they claim using Microsoft multi-touch protocol and android and chromOS are supported with new versions. I tried both edge2 and Samsung galaxy s5e on the same T151a monitor, galaxy s5e works very well, but edge2 have very wired deviation from the point the edge2 detected and the point I pressed.(IMG_0461.MOV - Google Drive)

I think the android 12 system maybe didn’t process the touch point signal correct. could you help to check whether the building of firmware include appropriate configurations about touch screen support?


@broad Touchscreen does not work properly X and Y Axis seem reversed

Thanks, will try and let you know whether this works.

@goenjoy sorry for bothering you again. is this the right way to enter adb:

  1. I enabled usb-debugging from develop-option
  2. connect a ubuntu linux using usb-a to usb c from usb3.0 on edge2 to a usb-c port of linux
  3. adb devices then adb shell

If this correct, no device found.


@broad Please use the USB cable to connect the red arrow interface as shown in the figure below.