Touch screen Portable Monitor

I need some “touch screen Portable Monitor” to use as Photo Frame with Edge-V (Max) and would like to see if there is someone there who already have this kind of Portable Monitor and is using it in for example car etc?
Does touch screen works, and what about Edge-V resolution?

there are plenty of " touch screen Portable Monitor" on aliexpress and I would like to get an to play with but need to choice the right one.

What kind of budget are you in the market for, what kind of resolution and screen size do you want ?
do you need a battery attached on it ?

this one might be good,

For Photo Frame (displaying pictures/videos on screen) you actually would like to have something bigger, I am thinking about 11.1 or even 13.3 IPS glossy displays (I think i read somewhere that glossy are better then the matt?!
Battery is not an must, as this should be placed in Living room, would preffer to put edge-v inside that frame and don’t have much cabling arround the display.

Budged well 100/150 USD, I think that i saw some without touch for even less. Is the question does touch and portable monitor works at all with edge-v as it should…

Hmm, let me search some for you and tell you, I was in the market for one as well but then dropped my plans due to some reasons, but I still remember some, Try searching for a few large Rasberry pi HDMI display, i think waveshare has a 11 inch screen, but check if the display is a compatible resolution

there are plenty and aliexpress and other CN onlineshops have them listed. I am trying to find someone here who is using it with Edge-V and have some informations from first hand.

Hmm, ok I don’t have a Edge-V but regarding portable display this is all I Know,
I hope it is of some use to you,

Это он?original! :hugs::blush:

why not original? <- was this your question?

well it is just 5" , a bit to small for an Photo Frame.


My golly, Shipping that display to my home is the same cost as the display itself !

@Vladimir.v.v as I wrote before, I wrote this post to see if someone is already using such kind of portable monitor/displays, where to find them is already known.

yes, people use different displays, why not?

this is an example of course, although delivery to my country is free :slightly_smiling_face:

What ?!? I live in India, so close to China but still I don’t get free Shipping ? this I cannot compute :confused:
of course Russia is also close to China so yeah, Why?

:man_shrugging:t3: it’s hard for me to say why so mate

Hmm, you are right, Appreciate the response mate :slightly_smiling_face:

Seems like noone is using such big Portable Monitors? I was thinking for sometling like these, with touch screen, hope that touch would work with Khadas Edge-V nut sure how to drive it, as it have only hdmi inputs?

Sorry, I do not yet have experience with this on the Edges. I had plans to convert an old(Acer-C760) Chromebook’s display for this. Kits are available to facilitate this, an example. It has no touch, but not necessary for my project. Covid induced shipping delays put a temporary hold on that for the moment.

I would think if the display accepts HDMI and supports a resolution that the Edge supports, the display would be fine. However, on the touch, if it is USB and works like a standard USB HID, it might work, or it may have a driver requirement that is not available in firmwares.

I have looked at several of these portable touch monitors, many will need 12v power, and offer two USB C ports, one for touch and one for powering an external device at 5vdc.
HDMI cable is the only way I can see to connect to the Edge-V. However, very short HDMI cables can be found, if one could be found with a right-angle(90°), it may not be too obtrusive, but the USB cables will also be hanging out of the side.
Hope you find a solution for your project.
I had hoped Khadas would offer a larger display(8"-10"), but I don’t think that is planned.


I am in pursuit of the same thing. Compatibility should not be a problem. The khadas screen uses MIPI-DSI, others use eDP. Either should work. But we need the appropriate device tree entries for them.
First those interfaces should be defined and enabled.
Then, the display needs a definition. Backlight, timings, front porch, back porch, etc. All is doable with just the tech specs for the display and the edge.

See this one here for the 5" screen.

Most panels should use the simple panel device driver but that is not entirely clear to me.

There are, however, differences between dts with kernel 4.x and 5.x. I haven’t learned device trees well enough yet to make it work. I have tried, and will continue to learn dts until I do.

BTW, dtc is the device tree (de) /compiler. So it is possible see the dts from a running system “/proc/device-tree” or from a dtb in /boot/arch/dtbs/…
And of course compile new ones.