Touch Display / Sleep Mode

Hi Khadas Community,
I struggle with the following problem on a VIM3L with the latest Firmware.

I connected the VIM3L to a factech touchscreen

and so far, it is working fine except the sleep mode of the VIM3L. What I want is that after let’s say 30min the touch is not used, the VIML3 is going to sleep mode and the screen turns black. When I want to use it again, I just want to touch the screen and the VIN3L comes back on again. I tried almost every setting but without success.I have to push the button on the VIM3L itself to get it up running.

Thanks for your feedback


I dont think thats possible as the kernel will put all the IO in low power state and the touch would be disabled until the device is resumed from power suspend.

Maybe you can find a way to get this working with a deep sleep state where you can just disable the lcd and keep the touch powered on and add a touch to it as wake event to wake the device up.

In theory is sounds good but its a long thing to do and achieve.