Top and bottom covers - drawings?

Hi @Terry,

could you please share Autocad drawings for top and bottom covers for vim2?

This drawing for VIM ( I can’t import to Illustrator nor Autocad, file is damaged?

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Thanks @Gouwa,

haven’t seen forum post with instructions to rename it to zip and then open it (works on osx).

The hole for fan on VIM2 is not on the same XY as on VIM as it seems.


as VIM2 have a compment is too high and the acrylic case with fan doesn’t work, so it not suit for VIM2. May I know that why you need the acrylic case?

BTW, the heatsink and new DIY-Case can work for both VIMs.

Hi @Gouwa,

what do you mean by “component is too high”? Space between CPU and top plate of case?

I was thinking to make another top plate with hole for RaspberryPi fan just above CPU (connected to GPIO pins)
too cool down vim2 as it gets really hot (I stick one heatsink on it but it is still hot when using Kodi in Android).

The other reason to make top plate for vim2 is my eager to learan to use Autodesk Fusion 360. Fantastic software!


The GST5009M is higher than VIM1’s and don’t enought room to install our official cooling fan :frowning:

It means that if you want to keep the case slim if you install a cooling fan, that’s the reason why you design the heatsink and mount the fan on heatsink instead of the case.

Hi @Gouwa,

tanks for the pic. I was thinking to mount RP fan on top of the top plate not under. So there should be enough space to mount fan with screws or even create some tight box to just press inside fan.

The only issue is original Fan connector, have to figure out how to connect RP fan to it and not to GPIO pins (40,20) :slight_smile:

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Btw, any info how much DIY-Case might cost?