Too hot, too long delay of VIM3 camera

I just bought VIM3 with OS08A10 Camera module.

just two problems.

First, the vim3 box is too hot, I think the temperature is over 50 degrees Celsius.

Second the delay of the video is over 2 seconds.

but, the delay is 0.2 second when I use a webcam.

My vim3 OS is ubuntu20


Hi, are you using a cooling system?

Thanks for your immediate reply

I use " New VIMs Heatsink-散热器"

but no fan

For Ubuntu OS, it is better to think about active cooling, probably the system lag is associated with this

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How do you think the reason of the video delay?

Good question! :slightly_smiling_face: in fact, there may be several reasons, as you already said, this is overheating of the processor, you also need to pay attention to the correct power supply unit up to 12 V. 2A. (this is important especially with work for peripheral devices).

I think it’s not because of overheating

I use the official 24W usb-c power supply

and the delay of webcam is 0.2 second

Thanks a lot!

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Maybe someone from the Khadas team can clarify the situation.
Good luck!

Thank you very much!

@Wesley there has to be some post processing of the Video input after capture, it will take some time…

Try testing in Framebuffer mode, it should be faster…

Could you tell me where is the source code of the Guvcview and the driver source code of mipi camera?

GUCview is a GNU application, you should check online for that,

You can find all the drivers and source code you need in the Khadas Github repo

Also @Wesley 50 degree C is not too hot, the onset of thermal throttle should start happening at least 60 degree C…

The CPU cores might be getting pinned due to the software processes handling done by the CPU for the camera app, if you have a heatsink and give proper airflow you shouldn’t be having any problems

Amlogic a311d processor on Khadas is equipped with a thermal sensor, and you can find out the exact temperature using special applications.

You can measure temp from the internal sensors…
just do,
cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp
cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone1/temp

(there are two sensors for the SoC’s temperature measurement)

Wrong answer .
One sensor is responsible for the temperature of the processor, and the second sensor is responsible for the temperature of the RAM

@Wesley 你的摄像头是使用什么分辨率打开的,我看你这个帧率不对,太低了

khadas@Khadas:~$ cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp


khadas@Khadas:~$ cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone1/temp


How to translate the number to centigrade degrees?

I think it is [Fahrenheit degree]

92.9F = 49.8C

That is centigrade Temprature, it is in millicentigrade, divide by 1000,
so it is, 86 degrees celcius, and 92 degrees celcius

but still, why is it that high ?

19201080 about 5fps
2160 about 2.5fps