Tone2Pro strange bitrate behavior with HID volume

I have upgraded my Tone2Pro to the latest 1.41 firmware with the HID volume control. Today I was testing with the Tidal app on a MacBook Pro, and found a strange behavior. Regardless of the volume level, starting an MQA track causes it to play as PCM 44.1/48K. Changing the volume then causes the Tone2Pro to register this and jump up to the proper unfolded bitrate. It doesn’t matter what the volume change is, it always behaves the same way. Starting another track restarts the behavior, with the Tone2Pro registering PCM 44.1/48K till you change the software volume, then it jumps up to the proper bitrate on the Tone2Pro.

Note that if the track automatically advances, the Tone2Pro recognizes the proper MQA bitrate without having to play with the volume control. This only appears to happen when starting a track or manually skipping to the next track.

I have Tidal set to output directly to the Tone2Pro, with Exclusive mode selected and Passthrough MQA selected.

This seems like a strange bug. It is acting like the Tone2Pro isn’t trying to unfold the MQA file till I adjust the volume after it is already playing.

Hi Swarm.Jon,
my setting like this way, not meet your situation.
MQA Setting
As we know, If the MQA data structure has been destroyed by Tidal, Tone2 Pro cannot complete the MQA data decoding and may be recognized as PCM data. the MQA data will be destoryed such as software volume setting. not very sure which software setting effect this. could you try another player(such as foobar2000) to test whether this issue still exist?