Tone2Pro - 1.30 or 1.41

First of all, thanks for the great product.
I use tone2pro 1.30firm. with windows and very happy because tone2pro sounds great! But only without usb drivers, because with drivers low frequencies in sound are artificially boosted.
I have two questions, because have some doubts…
1)Will the sound with 1.41 a neutral, or the game " a bit more bass" still going on?
2)Can I rollback to an older version of firmware?

1)Tone2 Pro is a Hi-Fi DAC,the sound should be more realistic and neutral,it does not have EQ to renderer the sound.But you can choose one you like from 7 filters,the sound of these filters are a little different.
2)You can rollback to V1.3 in the same way.

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