Tone2 pro SPdif / XLR and headphone

I want to use my Tone2 pro in the same time with my amplified speakers (XLR balanced) and with my different headphones (3.5 mm ).
I put the last 1.14 firmware and it’s working well with the XLR output to my amplified speakers (but the volume knob is not working on the tone2 pro)
At the same time, I have no volume for my unbalanced headphone. i do not know why.
Well I’m a little bit lost. No sound at all. [But sound when I use it with my Windows PC]

And when I see the video and the manual, I do not understand well how it’s working. Maybe a better video could be see the different options and explain how it work. It seems (to me) to confusing.

Perhaps I’m alone in this case (but at the same time I’m not english too)) . If you could help me, could be nice.

Even the “Xmox”, “HID” are not familiar to me, and those acronyms, for foreign people are hard to understand. Could be nice to explain it for noobs. :wink:

Hi Gadencourt,
First of all I wish you a happy new year!

From the usermanual, can find that:

I made a block diagram to help understand the volume control:

In pre-amp mode, the volume adjustment will affect 3 outputs(3.5/4.4/XLR). In high/low gain modes, the volume adjustment will only affect 2 outputs(3.5/4.4).

Your question may be: Why does the volume control of the XLR output not work when adjusting the volume knob, and at the same time there is no sound from the 3.5 headphones.
Because Tone2Pro is set to low/high gain mode, the volume adjustment mode needs to be set to Pre-AMP mode.

How to set to Pre-AMP mode:
1.Double press to change mode to GAIN(need to switch twice, defalult VOLUME, first TRACK, second GAIN)
2.Turn the knob to pre-amp mode(3 led show green)