Tone2 Pro RCA input challenges

All, could use some help. No problems at all using SPDIF (digital audio) cable to connect a CD/DVD player to the Tone2Pro. When connecting the same CD/DVD players (2 Sony devices, Line Out) via RCA audio cables, I cannot get proper output or significant volume. After changing the Tone2 Pro to High Gain and highest volume, I can hear the audio source at a whisper (just barely).

I tried multiple high and low quality RCA audio cables, no difference. I also adjusted the input on the Tone2 Pro and the outputs on the devices.

There is no way to adjust the volume output on the CD/DVD players.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I’m not sure to have correctly understand your problem but you can only send the CD/DVD player sound to the Tone2 Pro via SPDIF. The RCA on the Tone2 Pro are analog outputs only, not inputs.
It’s not supposed to receive an analog signal and let you hear it on it’s headphones outputs.
What you can hear using it as a headphones amp is SPDIF or USB signal (and Bluetooth when it will be possible)


Yup. The Tone2 Pro is a DAC/Amp. It has no analog headphone amp functionality. Strictly digital in, analog out, just as @Grooved said.

(S/PDIF output may be supported with a future firmware update, but that’s not relevant to this discussion.)

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