Tone2 Pro : phase is reversed on RCA outputs


I made some test and saw that the phase is reversed.
I’ve checked the balanced cable I build with special RCA bought at the same time than the Tone2 Pro, and they are OK. I didn’t check with unbalanced RCA but it should be the same.

So I’d like to know if it can be fixed via a firmware update, or if I need to rebuild my cables and switching both signal points.

I didn’t test the Tone2 Pro via SPDIF yet, but I suspect that if this RCA is also reversed, it could mean that it will be the opposite of what is said in the manual, so with SPDIF OUT (not available now) usable with a standard RCA cable, and SPDIF IN usable with the special cable (with one balanced RCA)


FWIW, I’m seeing the same thing. Here’s the step response that I measured from the Tone2 Pro. Same results with single-ended or balanced cables:

If you really want it in normal phase, you would have to :

  • inverse pin 2 and pin 3 on the XLR end of the special balanced cable
  • for classic RCA cable, inverse the two wires in one end of the cable

So the best would be to fix it in the firmware if possible

We also find this problem,but there is on need to turn the cable inverse, we can update the XMOS firmware to make the signal inverse,Recently we will release this version firmware. Waiting for our message. :wink:


Thanks Eric, great to fix it, even if it’s not a very big problem