Tone2 Pro - hybrid volume control

Hi @Eric68, @Gouwa

On ASR Gouwa wrote: “in preamp mode the ESS DAC volume works for both Line out and headphones

The product page says hybrid analogue volume control:
"hybrid digital/analog volume control knob, allowing you to rely entirely on analog signal attenuation"

Can you explain how I can have analogue volume control (not ESS chip digital volume) for headphone output?

Or not possible with headphone output ?

And can you explain what the ‘hybrid’ part is ?


Hi @Eric68 - I saw this table in a different thread. This is very helpful! I wish it was in the user manual !

When you say "choose the low or high gain mode according to the impedance of the headphone"

What impedances is low gain for and what impedances is for high gain ?

Our headphone amplifiter maximum output current is about 100mA, according to the Ohm theorem R=V/I,you can calculate the headphone’s minimum or maximum impedance in different gain mode.You can see the impedance matching sheet below.

①Note:This minimum impedance value is built on that the digital volume is maximum.It does not mean that it can not apply to the lower impedance.You can also use the lower impedance headphone by reducing the digital volume.In summary,you should not allow the output current exceeds the limited value-100mA,otherwise you may hear the shock-wave noise.
②Note:This does not mean you cannot use the higher impedance headphone to listen to music.The problem is that the loudness may not reach the headphone’s rated.

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