Tone2 Pro - Firmware v1.2 + MCU Update

Done! Added 2 additional steps:

  1. Connect Tone2 Pro to your PC first.

  2. Apply lateral (side) pressure for good contact.

P.S: We’re discussing shipping options for the free tool, will update Khadas Shop later today.


Try a paperclip, with a bit of lateral pressure

My price for 2. batch (11xxxx) where USD 199…

How do I run the tone_dfu_tool_macos (I have a Mac) what kind of file is that?!

I too paid full price. Khadas essentially sold a defective product and should offer service under warranty or product replacement. I thought I was buying a fully developed product. I wasn’t looking for a new hobby in IC programming.


You can find this instructions on the official video: Tone2 Pro - Firmware Upg

Hi @wetowne
You can contact our sales anytime for after sale service in the case you not able or won’t try that.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Good day!

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I think that the price of TONE 2 Pro is twice understated by the manufacturer! Everyone can buy STLINK for $ 10 independently! And further. There is a Russian proverb: He who does not take risks does not drink champagne)))
Thank you KHADAS for a cute little toy with an adult sound!


Where is the link to the “free” tool to do the update? You have my email address from when I purchased mine; it seems it would be very easy to send the link to everyone that purchased a Tone2 starting with serial number 0C or 11?

Still looking for the “free” ST-LINK V2 tool (USB adapter) and correct jumpers on your store…

Khadas states “you can get it free on our store”. Regardless of your opinion, I believe Khadas needs to do exactly what they posted: Supply everyone the correct part for this update at no charge. A little customer service goes a long way.

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Hello to the forum, I think we should have a little patience, personally without updating the MCU I have a device that for me I am fully satisfied with its quality and sound, let’s give the Khadas team time to find solutions and facilities in no time. On the contrary, they have told us how to solve it and the steps to follow. I am sure that they will tell us how to act shortly.
Greetings and thanks for reading me.


Yes, I agree. Khadas supports their products over the long haul.

I picked up the tool from Amazon, much quicker for me and well under $10. Should have it by Friday.


Does anyone have any concerns that peeling the bottom rubber pad to do the MCU update will permanently damage the product or reduce potential resale value?

I only listen to dsd files with my Tone 2 pro.Do i still need to update firmware?

Yes, dsnyder0cnn had ordered a set of M/F Dupont connectors. I was suggesting they might already have something on hand, so they could avoid the wait.:slightly_smiling_face:

The leads that I needed arrived today. They are a little short, but they will work just fine. I’ll provide some before and after measurements this evening.

@DeJuan_Skelton - I’m not delighted about peeling back the rubber pad, but I understand from the video that the adhesive is good for at least one more go.

Resale value on DACs is pretty terrible regardless since technology changes so fast. Enjoy the Tone2 Pro while you have it and then give it to a nephew when you’re ready to move on to the Tone3 Super Pro or whatever comes next. :stuck_out_tongue:


@Tonny_Jensen @Tintin @Ardummy

I’ve updated the hardware tool into Khadas Shop:


  • Standard world-wide shipping for this tool is free, but could take 15-60 business days.
  • Press “add a note” and input your Tone2 Pro’s order# before checking out.
  • You can purchase your own ST-Link v2 hardware tool, and we can compensate you.
  • Cash compensation / shop coupon shall not exceed 10 USD per person.

You can PM me at @tsangyoujun with your “Tone2 Pro proof-of-purchase, order#”, “serial # starting with 0C or 11” and your “local purchase receipt for the hardware tool”, and we can arrange the cash compensation or shop coupon accordingly.


In my personal opinion, there was no audible difference between v1.0 and v1.2 and the new MCU update. I believe the changes only affect the audio measurements done by the testing suite! I’d like to believe I have good ears, and I personally prefer DSD over MQA and PCM.

Perhaps @Gouwa can comment more.

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Thanks for the link. Where do I “PM you”? 'scuse my ignorance, but I can send you my serial or anything else you want (although you have me in your database), but I don’t understand how to PM you at @tsangyoujun

@tsangyoujun, I ordered one through the link you posted, and it appears to have worked. Fingers crossed it ships. Thanks again for the timely and appropriate response.

FYI, I had given up on a response, and ordered this from Amazon an hour ago. Either way, you owe me the part, or the money… what a mess. Poor Khadas is taking a beating in the media over this.