Tone2 Pro - Firmware Update v1.41

Any kind of ETA on sleep state fix?



Any update in filters area?
maybe some “xbass-like”?

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Hi Noel.fs
After connecting to the PC, the PC cannot automatically enter the sleep state, at present. This issue may be updated in a future version. This issue is related to the HID function.

Hi Alejandro,
Tone2 Pro has 7 filter modes, is there a style you like? And, Tone2 Pro does not support EQ adjustment, at present.

Here is the 7 filter list below:

Have fun.

IMHO, the bass boost and widening of the sound (justo like in other portable DACs) would be wonderful additions. I find no difference between the filter modes, even listening multiple times.
I hope you can consider it for a future update.

Truly yours,

Hi Alejandro,
A discussion thread about the filter could check here, and we will consider the EQ adjustment in the future. thanks for your suggestion. :bouquet:

Is there any change to input switching when using BTmagic?

I thought BTmagic would have priority over USB in sound output when Bluetooth is connected with the selection knob auto, but it works differently than I expected.

In order to output sound using BTmagic in v1.3, I2S had to be selected from the selection knob, which seems to be the same in v1.41.

Hi maqu1a,
You are right, when using BT Magic, need to select I2S input selecton.
It is not recommended to connect BT Magic at the AUTO input selection, when using the old version CPLD firmware. The routing logic of the old version CPLD firmware will cause Tone2 Pro to have a switching process. We have fixed this problem in the new CPLD firmware. But this update needs to be applied in the new batch of production, The CPLD firmware update needs to be disassembled and a special burning tool(Altera USB-Blaster).

Yep, I heard that to, had high gain setting, since I’m running unbalanced until I can get my cans modded to TRRRS.

Try high ohm headphones in unbalanced >250Ohm or 600Ohm

Hi Piotr,
Confirm again, still heard that after upgrading to v1.41? If so, please provide more details.

  • What does the noise sound like?
  • Which player? still Tidal?
  • Which song?
  • Tone2 Pro setting: high gain
  • Output mode: 3.5 headphone or RCA?
  • Headphone impedance: >250Ohm or 600Ohm.
  • What does the noise sound like? Like severe clipping and breaks in audio. I had to take off the headphones

  • Which player? still Tidal?
    Roon (streaming from Tidal)

  • Which song? (Don’t rembember, pretty consistent on multiple songs)

  • Tone2 Pro setting: high gain
    yes high gain

  • Output mode: 3.5 headphone or RCA?
    3.5mm TSR

  • Headphone impedance: >250Ohm or 600Ohm.
    600 Ohm Beyerdynamic DT880

PS. Work very well with DT770 80Ohm. I think the output stage is underpowered for 600Ohm unbalanced. I will convert the DT770 to balanced as soon as I get a TSSSR 4.4mm connector.

I don’t think you should worry with this for now Kenny. I will get back if there are problems with balanced headphones mod. Also I haven’t upgraded the FW yet so it’s the factory version for 11A11002A

How do I check FW version without connecting to the upgrade port?

Hi Piotr,
There’s no other way to check the version without connecting upgrade port at present.

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ok, upgrade to v1.41 will be better, you could have a try. :wink:

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Upgraded to 1.41 without HID Volume control and with PCM768

No change in supported format in Win11

Also ASIO device is now missing from Roon:

DFU tools are now broken too:

And the device manager is in weird state:

Audio is playing from Tone2 Pro

After uninstalling the drivers khadas_tone_dfu_tool_v5.30.0_211208 rebooting and reinstalling, I was able to use the DFU tool again. Roon is showing following formats:

But windows still shows 384k as max
Can you give some feedback on what PCM768 actually means and how I can verify that it’s working?

I found a free 768kHz PCM file here:

Does this mean I’m now playing native 768kHz

The 1.41 and both low and high gain can drive my DT 880 600Ohm, no issues through the unbalanced 3.5mm TSR connection. I would say low gain is normal listening volume at max volume, I would like to use the higher gain, but then I will not set volume more than 90%. Low gain has lower noise and I think when I go 4.4mm TSSSR balanced connection, the low gain will be enough. No clipping or anything else.

I think you should consider one more UX improvement:

  1. The turquise color only visible when you change volume (and that is not something you do constantly). Your ears will be your UX feedback and the visual is an extra.
  2. Put the playback format as always visible, because that’s something you care about if you are using Khadas Tone2 Pro (otherwise you could buy cheap junk elsewhere). The format is visible maybe 1s, but it takes the device a few seconds to visualize the format, so you need to time that to ca 5s after a trach changes. Always showing format would improve my life a lot.
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Yes, DFU tool and ASIO play need the ASIO driver, not know why it’s missing, you can reinstall it again.

Windows not support PCM768 display, but you can get the sample rate info from Tone2 Pro LED Indicator or in Khadas Audio Dashboard:

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Thank’s for your sharing and advice. :bouquet: :bouquet: :bouquet:
I think this not only about the volume indicator, other operation mode will be display this fomat while fomat change, and for most of user need know the Tone2 Pro’s status (Volume \Track \Gain \Input\ Filter), if always display the format, it will cause inconvenience in other aspects of use. we will consider this for next version update(but not sure will be change this). Thinks for your advice again.

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