Tone2 Coax/Spdif Out

Hi Guys,

First off, I am really loving and enjoying the performance of the Tone2… Kudos to the team for such a brilliant device. I like to call it the Next-Gen DAC when I talk to people about it… Certainly feels like the F22 of DACs.

Now, I was planning to use the Coax/Spdif out form the Tone2 to a Topping MX3 which would serve as a speaker amp and hopefully bitrate display for the Tone2. Any news on when the update for Coax out will be available? also, will you guys be selling a balanced rca coax cable?

Thanks guys!

Hello, Welcome aboard.
Some converter cables and connectors available in the Khadas Shop…

I have the balanced RCA. Thanks.

Hope Khadas team will update us all when the COAX out update (and connector) is available

Apart from having a display for the sampling rate, I’m at a loss for why you would want to do this. :slight_smile: As a DAC, the Tone2 Pro is dramatically superior to the Topping MX3 (especially after the MCU and v1.2 XMOS firmware updates).

Running the analog outputs of the Tone2 Pro into the analog AUX inputs of the MX3 will produce significantly better sound.