Tone2 Coax/Spdif Out

Hi Guys,

First off, I am really loving and enjoying the performance of the Tone2… Kudos to the team for such a brilliant device. I like to call it the Next-Gen DAC when I talk to people about it… Certainly feels like the F22 of DACs.

Now, I was planning to use the Coax/Spdif out form the Tone2 to a Topping MX3 which would serve as a speaker amp and hopefully bitrate display for the Tone2. Any news on when the update for Coax out will be available? also, will you guys be selling a balanced rca coax cable?

Thanks guys!

Hello, Welcome aboard.
Some converter cables and connectors available in the Khadas Shop…

I have the balanced RCA. Thanks.

Hope Khadas team will update us all when the COAX out update (and connector) is available