Tone1 + Vim2 Ubuntu

I had mpd running happily and listing my directory of music, but I couldn’t get any output from the hardware. After spending a few hours chasing my tail I thought I’d leave a note of my steps:

Follow the guide here

and be sure to

sudo adduser $USER audio

then Tone1 will show up when you use aplay -L and mpd can output audio. The audio group comes from the mpd.conf defined in the linked tutorial.

just check mpd logs (and u can understand what happens)
or restart mpd in foreground mode

mpd -v --stderr --no-daemon ~/.mpdconf

Thanks. The running mpd in foreground mode is very helpful for debugging.

On another note, this is an amazing piece of hardware. I’m playing some B. Dolan and Run the Jewels and hearing stuff in the production I’ve never noticed before, and the bass is SO clean. Well done team Khadas

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