Tone1 & Tone 2 pro hardware volume control

couldnt find the answer - the volume control of Tone 1 on the Khadas dashboard (either Analogue 1/SPDIF 1 or Master) delivering audio without resampling or not ? Tone 2 pro ?

Tone1 and Tone2 pro, neither is resampling.

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  • For XMOS,Neither Tone1 nor Tone2 Pro are resampling. But for ES9038Q2M,Both Tone1 and Tone2 Pro are resampling.We set the bit of Reg7 to be 0.

  • As to the volume, Tone1 can use the volume controller of Dashboard to control the volume,but this volume is digital volume,not hardware volume.

  • Tone2 Pro cannot control both digital and hardware volume from Dashboard. We can control them by the rotary knob on the top.

Thank you for answer. It’s clear now with Tone1. As for Tone2 pro - using the rotary knob in preamp mode there would be resampling, right ? I like your whole concept of Tone line. I’m using Tone1 for 2 years from now with 32ohm planars. Tried different setups to get the best possible sound and can say - using headphone amps in $200 range I get exceptionaly clear sound only from bare Tone1 with no amp at all, even controlling volume with dashboard. To get a bit more power and to continue my experiments - Tone2 pro on the way.

Hi,yes,you are right. Tone1 and Tone2 Pro are resampling in any instance.

but if you feed 352.4 it wouldnt be oversampling no?

Hi,yes,PCM384 and PCM352.4 are oversampling,PCM768 and PCM705.6 are no need to oversampling.