Tone1 DAC disconnects after Windows sleeps for some time

On Windows 10 PC whenever I leave it for a while and the PC sleeps for some time the Khadas will lose connection and no longer show up in the playback devices. The only way to get it back is to unplug and replug the USB cable. Even restarting the PC once it’s disconnected does not bring it back.

I’ve never had it drop while using it. And I tested letting the PC sleep for 10 minutes and it was still connected after waking, but when I leave it overnight for example it is always disconnected.

I don’t want to power the usb port all the time. I just want the Khadas to reconnect when PC wakes up. Also why doesn’t it reconnect when the PC is restarted?

I am not certain. Perhaps @Eric68 can comment on this matter further.

Hello. I don’t know if I’m writing here or not, I have a similar problem, it also does not always turn on after sleep, only I use Android

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Workaround for anyone who has this problem on Windows: if you install devcon, you can reboot the tone with devcon restart \*VID_3353\*

It should also be possible with pnp-util, but I’ve not had any luck.

It’s worth noting that this is needed after EVERY sleep when using the official drivers, but only about once a week for me when using the default windows drivers.

I am still having this problem, now on Windows 11. The problem with replugging it in is that I use Equalizer APO and the tone board must come up as a new device so APO says it isn’t configured for this device and I have to go through the whole setup again and reboot.

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Im also having this issue on daily basis(or more often). My PC goes to sleep after 15m of inactivity and i have to re-plug usb every time.It’s not power plan or selective usb power as all those options are disabled in my WIN.