Tone + VIM + Vacuum fluorescent display build

Thought I’d keep track of this build in case anyone needs to follow my steps. I’m building a Hi-Fi using a VIM + Tone, using mpd to stream FLACs from my HomeLab. I’ve pushed the code so far to here: Futuba Arduino Rust Khadas

The Rust script sets up a basic command line interface where you can send data to the Arduino. Hopefully it’s fairly self explanatory. You can write your own Arduino script to get what you need out of it.

Remember to add yourself to the dialout group to get access to the /dev/x for your Arduino connection:
sudo adduser {$whoami} dialout

Now it all works I need to cut some panels and mount the Arduino and maybe try and run it from the Tone PINs rather than have a cable bridging out the back. Any tips on doing that’d I’d appreciate.