Tone for perfect HTPC

Hi guys! In the process of building the perfect HTPC :slight_smile:

The work is completed, I really liked the result! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

To bring out the USB-С port, you need to make a small hole in the case. I use a drill

To fully comply with the HTPC I need a volume control - here it is!

I connect all the details and test it, everything works !!!

I connect the system to the receiver, I assembled the cables myself, set up the system, and enjoy the wonderful sound of the Khadas Tone Board!


Yes, I read the thread and found an opinion about installing Tone in the PC expansion slot

However, I use the low profile PC expansion cards, its height is 10 cm, and the height of the low profile plug is 8 cm. The Tone board fits well. But in a thin case, you need to drill a hole for the USB-C port of the Ton board - Dremel 3000 will help here

HTPC platform is based on intel 365 socket and i3-9100f processor without video core. HDMI video card nvidia 1030 is responsible for 4K video and 5.1 sound output. Khadas Tone is responsible for 2.0 stereo sound output. Windows 10 installs Emby, Spotify, Apple Music clients - Kodi 19 media core.
This is the initial layout in an empty box

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But where HDR, does the 1030 support it? And how loud the fans would go while playing movie at low volume level?

Thank you dear!
As I wrote above, the core of the HTPC will be Kodi 19
Monitoring Kodi 19 “Matrix” improvements:

  • Added software decoding for AV1.
  • Play HLG HDR and Static HDR10 on Windows 10.
  • Support for static HDR10 and dynamic Dolby Vision HDR and other bicubic OpenGL upscaling

In the meantime, I disassembled the computer power supply and brought the power cable to the autonomous power supply for the Tone board and this note helped me a lot

When I’m not soldering, I’m making a handsome Kodi in Emby’s skin, something like that will look like …

My media center is almost ready, I assembled the power supply for Tone and tested the separate connection of the Tone board. The tone works wonderfully​:ok_hand::grinning:

Khadas Audio Dashboard

Updated the topic, work completed

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