Tone Board, Roon, Linux Mint


I am having troubles trying to get the Tone Board to work with Roon on a Linux Mint PC. It works fine outputting audio from the linux mint pc from say a web browser but not from Roon. Roon sees it but once enabled it says device not found as seen in pic.
Have tried via Windows 10 Roon and works fine

Connected via USB.

Have contacted Roon here Maybe it is the Linux OS version?

Any help is appreciated

In my experience, it is better to completely abandon the use of USB for transmitting a musical signal. Bus USB strongly spoils the sound, and the cost of USB convector almost does not affect the quality. Try to transmit the signal through SPDIF on TB, it should become deeper and richer sound. In my case, I collected here such sandwich: the Roon server on NAS Synology, raspberry b3 + 502 DAC (streamer) + TB as DAC. Unfortunately, EDGE-V and TB due to its imperfection could not be implemented as a streamer under the control of Roon.

Is that you KRS from stereonet?

Thanks for your reply regardless.
I tried spdif from my Linn Akurate. Very little difference to USB and a tone board is not my main DAC so hoping for it to fit in with an old pc I have lying around.

Hi! No, I am everywhere present as a slider.
Each equipment is highly individual and the sound quality is highly individual. In order to stream quality music from your computer. it should be seriously prepared and powered by a linear power supply. This is already all gone and concluded that a single-Board computer will easily win this battle, and cheaper than a computer ten times. But this is a different subject. If you are interested in reading, I recommend reading the Russian-language resource, where you can download and listen to various builds on Linux.

Cool yep know all about it. have had a pi, Cullen Modded Sonos Connect, Sonore streamers, Auralic, McIntosh, Cambridge, Primare among others some with LPSUs and now the Linn. All far better than a pi

This is a cheap and not worthwhile DAC for anything serious. Just a second system from a laptop that I already have doing nothing. The Linn as a source is better but this isn’t going in my main system.

Anyways any help getting this to work via USB with Roon on a Linux Mint PC is much appreciated.