Tone board rasp pi 4b car audio

Hoping this works: purchased rasp pi 4b, tone board 1 plus a couple other hats which will go into a head unit with touchscreen powered by Crankshaft, an Android Auto based OS for rasp pi.

  • Will KTB utilize the 40 pin header from rasp pi 4 and pull power and data from it?
    or do I want to set it apart from the rest of the hardware? in which case I still want to power off the 5v pin and reserve usb just for data. Where would best place to pull power from?

  • Anyone use with Crankshaft, will it be able to see the KTB? Or would it need its own dedicated rasp pi board running Volumio?

Hope this makes sense to someone…
Thank you in advance

(this is my first rasp pi project, fyi… hope I didn’t bite off more than I can chew with this.)

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Hi dfrancisco,
There tow way to connect USB for Tone board 1:

Tone1’s 40 pin header not Incompatibility with rasp pi 4b. you may need connect this pin by dupont line or soldering.

enjoy :wink:

Thank you very much. I need further clarification however if you don’t mind:

Where is r28 located? I’m looking at diagram and it isn’t visually lining up with board. How do I remove it, does it need to be de-soldered?

Can I use the USB port for data only and power the board by Gnd and vbus pins?
I read somewhere that sound quality is better if power and data are in different cables. Is this true?

Does Raspberry Pi OS have the drivers for this?

Thank you for your assistance

ps: I also read that if 5v power is connected to board then the power over usb is automatically deactivated. Is this not true?

as an alternative… anyone know if OpenAuto (for Rpi) would work on Vim3? Sorry if this is a newb question. With respect to this I am one… Have to start somewhere. Thanks very much!

Please check this, need de-soldered.

Yeah, port1 for USB data: need GND, DM, DP. port 2 for Power: GND, VBUS.

Linear power supply will be better, if use another power cable.

Just windows need the ASIO driver for Tone1, Linux need support USB, and then switch the sound car to Tone1.

no, you need disconnect the USB vbus pin, if you want to use another linear power supply to take the place of USB vbus power supply.

maybe @numbqq / @goenjoy will help you.

It is not supported.