Tone Board Power Problem

Hi, my son has connected a mobile phone charging plug and usb cable to the board and it doesn’t appear to work now. Can you confirm that this could cause an issue? Is there anything I can do to confirm the issue?

I’m was hoping the problem was caused by some kind of configuration or setting issue in the Raspberry Pi but everything appears to be as I left it.


Hi @Tlxv04,

Sorry to hear about that. From my experience, that won’t cause an issue. You can swap out the USB-C cable for different one and see if that helps. Some users report that our USB-C cable doesn’t work well with their Tone Board.

You Jun
Khadas Team

Hi @Tlxv04:
Any updates on your end?



Sorry for the delay in getting back. Yes, it is working with direct power to the GPIO connections on the board (which is what we wanted, for the sound quality improvement). It appeared to be a configuration issue.

The USB power option does not seem to work now (both were connected simultaneously) but the audio feed with the USB from a Raspberry Pi is fine.

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