Tone Board Only Playing One Channel

I recently purchased a TB but it is only playing one channel. I have connected it to a PC and Pi with the same result. It is not the amp or cables. I can play stereo using a Pi with a HiFiBerry Dac+ Pro connected.
The firmware has been updated but no change.
Is there anything else I can try or should I send it back for a replacement?

Hello, I have not experienced this behavior from my Tone Board.
A Khadas Team member may need to help you. Please keep in mind, due to the Coronavirus quarantine, it will be a few days before the Khadas Team will return.
If it does not effect your ability to return the TB, might be a good idea to wait for a Khadas reply before doing so. Maybe they have a solution for it.

Thanks for the update. I’ll wait before doing anything else.

Hi @mpbrog61
Sorry for the problem and the late response.

I also got a email from you for this issue, I will forward your email to our peaple and they will response you asap when they available.

Sorry again!

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