Tone Board Incompatible With DIY Case

Just to remind everyone:

The Tone Board (by itself) is not compatible with the DIY Case. You may of course, put a VIM2 into the DIY Case, then mount a Tone Board on top.

These two are incompatible:

Not compatible as is. However, with a little cutting and a few odds and ends, some of the case pieces can be used to construct a case. Not much to look at from the rear, but who looks back there anyway, besides, the cables hide most of it. :slight_smile:
These images show VIM2 with Tone Board mounted. The same thing could be done for the Tone Board alone. I intend to do this, but have not yet. I assume the generic version of the Tone Board could get away with a thinner design since it’s GPIO header isn’t in place.

Additionally, I used some case pieces from the VIMs as spacers, although other materials could be used, such as wood, an unused CD case, etc. Also picked up some 45mm long fasteners.

The clear case without the metal plate is inexpensive enough to experiment on, for those adventurous souls.:grin:
Note: Adventurous souls assume responsibility for their own mods.:sunglasses: