Tone Board "freezes" when switching on my desk light

Hi there,

so I’ve got my Tone Board for about a year now and I must say I have never been more pleased with a sound card.

There is however an issue that is slightly unnerving. I have my tone board connected top the PC via USB (official cable). Now when I switch on or off my (older) desk lamp, there appears to be something happening to the electricity flow that “freezes” the tone board.

When that happens the only option I have found is to physically re-plug the tone board via its USB port.

I know maybe a small dropout or “noise” can be expected, but I dont think a DAC should “hard freeze” on such situations. Maybe this could be solved by a firmware patch (got the latest v1.04 firmware already)? It happens on both Windows 10 and Linux.

Did anybody ever experience this?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Hello, I have not experienced that issue. Curious, do the PC and lamp share an outlet. If so, try to seperate them. What type of lamp is it?
For testing, do you have another source you can use for the Tone Board, such as a different computer, TV box, SBC, etc?
That is an unusual problem, however, sometimes my TV locks up when I power down my AVR. Happens rarely, so I have not pursued it.

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Dirty Switch Contacts, causing a spike at a guess, dump the lamp, or as mentioned different outlet,
Some of these may help

Good tight fit around the cables

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