Tone Board error with Thesycon 4.11 drivers

I’ll do it later today on my work PC…
However, if they are even better than before and they still have that noisy 500Hz tone I’ll feel really sad… :slight_smile:

Then, If you use JPLAY, I was finally able to make it accepts the TB as a Kernel Streaming device. It is not deterministic, so I don’t know why that happen and if it repeatable (computer science is not a science in Newtonian sense…)

I installed the drivers Thesycon V4.11-EVAL, rolled back to the version V2.24, then I installed the drivers 4.11 of other products (the resonessance ones). When running again JPLAY I noticed that it was accepted as a “KS: Khadas Tone Board”… I was really surprised…

Then, I asked for an additional 2 weeks of license extension to test their new Femto Server+JPLAY7 now that I have the TB at its full power.
The sound is excellent, I really really love this DAC and in combination with FEMTO+JPLAY on a dedicated music server the level of details of the sound is amazing, body of the bass increased, trebles are maybe even too sparkling but I love this sound signature… (BTW I’m not affiliated to JPLAY in any sense, just when you really love something, you want to share, and I’m also pushing all the people I know to buy the Tone Board).

Well for me it generates beeps again, and as I manage to find out it is because:

XMOS designs only.
Locked to XMOS VID & PIDs.
Evaluation and prototyping.
Fully featured evaluation
version of Thesycon
production driver.
Beep tones every 5minutes
after 60minutes.

I found this on the page here:

The sound is remarkable the first hour!! I cannot even believe to my ears, when listening on my Mackies HR studio monitors. But sadly they are evaluation version which again generates those beep tone. Seems like you can get a paid licensed drivers, but not as a physical user, but as a company:

Well, Thesycon business is selling optimized drivers to companies that sell XMOS based products.
Given the price of the TB we cannot really complain Khadas didn’t spend the money to buy the drivers… (yet).

Then, the last version of the Thesycon drivers on their site is v4.58. For instance, the SMSL SU-8 (the one I was considering as an alternative for the TB, well I’m still considering it together with TB for balanced setup) uses XMOS drivers v4.47…

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Completely understandable! The version that Khadas opted in for was 2.24, and I hope, they will buy one of the latest drivers for their boards.

I did get full version of Thesycon drivers, but they are not working as they are generated for other boards. Will keep my fingers crossed we get the drivers with never version one day :wink:

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