Tone board date of manufacture

Hi there !
I would like to know if a board could be identified somehow.
There is a serial number attached to the board?
There is a chance to know what firmware was on the board when was sent to the vendor?
I need to know that because i’ve received my board yesterday, and i have tried without success to play DSD files natively !
Roon, Audirvana, foobar2000, JRiver, none of them can play DSD files to Tone board.
Everything i hear from my speakers when trying, is noise.
PCM file up to 192 bit are ok.
Up-sampling with Roon, doesn’t work, either.

The board came with latest firmware, 1.04, and i suspect a defective board sent back to the vendor !
Or, maybe i am doing something wrong !
Could you,please, help me?
Than you !

Have seen some people say volume must be at full on source device or there is noise. Not sure if this applies to your issue.
Of course, lower volume on amp prior to this.

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It seems that was my mistake.
Probably some defective RCA cables, i suppose.
I have moved the board on another setup and everything is OK now.
DSD 128 and 256 played well !
Also, up sampling in Roon to 384Khz and DSD256 working !
So, i have to apologize for the fake alarm !
The board is OK !
Best regards !


After more tests, i’ve found that only if the volume is set as fixed can play DSD on Roon.
Setting “Device volume” led to DSD playback fail.

There is a problem with hardware volume control?

Hello, Much has been written about hardware volume control. A rather lengthy thread is here. I have not read through it myself yet, maybe something there will help.

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Thanks. I have read the thread and seems that indeed Tone has not hardware volume control.
Maybe the next firmware revision will fix that.