Tone Board CAD Files (Custom Case Design)


Hi Guys,

People have been asking us for the measurements / CAD files for the Tone Board so they can 3D Print / CNC their own cases.

Do note that apart from the .dxf file for the Tone Board, I used a pair of calipers to get most of the 3D dimensions, so you will likely need the real Tone Board to compare for tolerances.

These files are meant as a starting point for your design only. I would say having allowance gaps of 0.05 to 0.1mm would be prudent, especially if you’re using a FDM 3D printer.

CAD Files:
Solidworks, Step, Pdf

Have fun!
You Jun
Khadas Staff


I used this case to good effect…the screw holes are not needed but the results I am pretty happy with. Friction fit of the RCA panel is fine for general use.


Is there a case that is for Tone Board + VIM2 via connectors?


Not that I noticed on my searches…but you could always DIY based on the one I linked. Not my area of expertise tho.