Tone Board and Ubuntu

Tone board and ubuntu

Hello friends!
I need advice
I have Khadas tone board updated to 2.00 and windows 10x 64
Khadas Audio Dashboard driver, jRiver player, everything is set up perfectly, plays DSD

But recently switched to Ubuntu (KDE Plasma)
And here I need advice on how to set up for maximum quality and which player to use

All players including DeadBeef play DSD slow

Sorry for my english (google translate) :slight_smile: )

Hello @hyphop

Do you have any suggestions?

MPD + some gui for MPD - its always my choose (play any format + quality + light + custom + … etc )

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which kernel used ?
NATIVE DSD support need last kernels for Tone board (with USBID)

Thanks for the advice.
I did not quite understand:

1.kernels for Tone board
2. (with USBID)

Could you explain in more detail?


no ! kernel is linux kernel

show me your uname -a and lsusb