Tone Board and Mini DSP C-6x8 used together?

The Khadas Tone board and MiniDSP C-DSP 6X8 both use RCA Spdif jacks and 75 ohm cable and I will be using the Khadas VIM3 to drive the Tone Board to output audio via Spdif to the C-DSP 6X8. Anyone see any problems with this set up or do I need to do any programming on the the Tone Board to make this set up work together?

Thanks for any replies.

Hello, I have no experience with the MiniDSP C-DSP 6X8, but if it will accept SPDIF RCA(coax), the tone board should work. However, the Tone Board does not output SPDIF itself, SPDIF signal is provided by the VIM3’s GPIO to the TB’s RCA SPDIF connector. In other words the Tone Board is not necessary to get SPDIF output signal from the VIM3.

RDFTKV, thank you for the reply. I bought both the VIM3 and Tone Board for my Car PC setup to use the VIM3 as the digital player into the Tone Board so as to have a choice of output formats. I had an opportunity to compare RCA output to Spdif output into a DSP home audio setup and in my opinion the Spdif output was superior…by a fairly significant margin and I want that sound quality in my car.