Tone board 1 cannot recognise drivers

I have recently acquired the Khadas Tone1, and annoyingly I can’t seem to get it to play DSD files through Foobar2000 on windows 10 - it seems I’m only limited to DSD ~> PCM conversion. I tried to install general high res audio drivers like XMOS and Thesycon ones that I found in these forums, but the tone board doesn’t even recognise them. They don’t show up in the khadas audio dashboard, nor do they show up in the Foobar2000 output list. The tone board appears in the list of outputs, just none of the drivers I want to use with it - pretty much defeating the entire purpose of me buying it in the first place as I wanted to be able to playback hi res digital files. I’ve tried manually updating the tone board and applying the necessary drivers through device manager, but I get hit with control panel messages saying “windows could not find drivers for your device” or “the best drivers for your device are already installed” - but the whole point is that I WANT to use different drivers! The new drivers I install don’t even show up in device manager as new devices themselves, so I’m thinking it must be a system issue…or am I just stupidly forgetting something? I don’t even know, this issue has been driving me insane. Does anyone have any ideas? Any other way I can get proper DSD playback with the KTB?