Tone 2 Pro using SPDIF out from Allo Digione

Hi, I tested my Tone 2 using USB and it works fine.

I have an Allo Digione with Volumio, using the SPDIF out to the Tone 2, can’t get it to work. using both input set to “Auto” and also SPDIF on the Tone 2.

Tested the Allo with another DAC and I have good results.

can anyone help troubleshoot?

I never did get mine to work. I did what you did and use the USB.

I hope that Khadas can advise as I purchased it for the SPDIF input.

Totally Agree! Just an FYI, I have a Logitech Squeezebox Touch with SPDIF output which I plugged into the Tone 2 Pro and it works fine. Clearly there is something different about these digital output hats. I’ve been meaning to try something other than Volumio. Perhaps Roon or Rune, or whatever it is!

I have Roon, It identifies the Allo Digione hat. It plays to the hat but also does not seem to send the signal to the Tone 2.

Used the Allo message board and its been resolved. the hat power was the issue.