Tone 2 Pro on-the go

Wanted to share my little on-the-go setup. Got this power bank that’s the same size as the T2P :grin:

  • Khadas Tone 2 Pro
  • BT Magic
  • AINOPE 10000mAh Power Bank

Just need me a carrying case now.


Good idea,but if you want to try HiFi music by USB cable,you should unplug the cable from your Power Bank.
Can you use such USB cable that its power and data is separated.The Power Port can connect to your Power Bank,and the data Port can connect to your phone or computer.The following picture is showing clearly.You can switch audio between USB and BT Magic at your will.

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Oooh very interesting, didnt even know thats a thing. Will order me one, ty!

Do you know where to buy such cable?

Sorry,We have not found this kind of cable fit for Tone2 Pro.We want to design such as this cable.