Tone 2 Pro - No dsd playback over USB If spdif connected

hello, i have a problem with my tone 2 pro. Playing dsd files works wonderfully via usb, if a spdif connection exists with another device, it no longer plays dsd files via usb. pcm works fine, but dsd is no sound over usb. If I disconnect the spdif cable from the tone 2 pro and restart the tone 2 pro, the dsd playback works fine.

manual switching between spdif and usb does not change anything.

The Tone 2 Pro is on the latest firmware.

does anyone have any idea why this is or can reproduce this error?

best regards

Hi @Demonfront
As the Specs statements, the T2P only supports USB input for DSD decoding :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And wanna confirm again with you which INPUT mode you configged, is it USB or Auto?

Have fun!

@Eric68 just confirmed the issue does happen here as what you mentioned, will fix in next version firmware release.

Thanks for the feedback!

And have a good day!

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I am glad that the error could be reproduced and that it will be fixed in the next firmware version.

I would also like to express my big compliments again on the tone 2 pro and of course on this quick support.

it’s a wonderful little dac amp.
I also wish you a nice day.


Yes,this issue exists.because we choose auto_select mode to be the default(automatically select between DSD,SPDIF or serial data) when you select the auto mode and also USB has input source. these three input souces also have priority. The priority:Serial data>SPDIF>DSD. So SPDIF input preempts the DSD input.
So we should choose auto _select mode to be the second(2’b01:automatically select between DSD or serial data) when there is USB input souce in auto mode.