Tone 2 Pro + Linux + Tidal + Strawberry == Master/MQA

I don’t want to describe how to install/configure the strawberry + tidal on a Linux machine. There are too many articles on the internet about it, for example, How to use Tidal on Linux. Well, it’s been a hard, enduring, and… | by Lázaro Santos | Medium

What I want here is to ensure the correct MQA/Master quality playing on tone2 PRO :smiley:

First of all, you need to install the tool Pavucontrol, in order to facilitate the PulseAudio config. After installed you need to disable the tone2 Pro audio card on PulseAudio, steps:

  • open the Pavucontrol
  • go to the tab Configuration
  • Click on the tone2 Pro profile and select the off option

Now it’s strawberry time.

  • open the settings (Tools -> Settings)
  • go to the Backend option
  • Click on the Output selector and choose the option Output to a sound card via ALSA
  • Click on the Device selector and choose the option Tone2 Pro USB Audio
  • press the OK button
  • Play a music
  • ENJOY your tone2 PRO + Tidal + MQA/Master

Tested Albums

  • elements from Ludovico Einaudi plays in blue MQA
  • Seven Days Walking (Day 6) from Ludovico Einaudi plays in green MQA
  • Sweet Apocalypse from Lambert plays in blue MQA
  • Adiemus - Songs of Sanctuary from Karl Jenkins plays in… yellow (no MQA here :/)
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