Tone 2 Pro is not recognized as DAC in macOS Sonoma

Today apple just released the macOS 14.0 Sonoma, So I upgraded two of my computer, now I when I plugin the tone2pro, it won’t recognized as audio output, the Tone 2 pro dac is not listed in volumes, also, the in midi setup, there is no tone 2 pro.

But the device works before I upgraded to sonoma, in windows, it works fine.

I’ve checked the system info, macOS 14 still can see the Tone 2 pro in System report → usb, but it won’t recognize it as external audio dac.

What’s changed, or what’s the cause of this?

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I have the same issue with my Tone 2 Pro (firmware v1.41), it is not recognized as an audio output on macOS Sonoma 14.0 on a x86 machine. I tested both USB-C-to-A and pure USB-C cables.

The device works fine in Windows 11 and previously on macOS Ventura.

I’ve just upgraded another sonoma, both my Topping D90 and Audirect Beam 3Plus works on sonoma as before.

i’m so relieved that I’m not the only one having this problem.

The problem looks to be fixed in 14.1 beta 2, the Tone 2 Pro now shows up as an audio device and sound output works.


Hi steve3d,
could 14.1 beta 2 solve this problem?

Sorry, I can’t test it on 14.1 beta2 for now.

On macOS 14.1 Tone 2 Pro are recognized as audio output again. problem solved.

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