Tone 2 pro i2s pinout

Has anyone found the pin out for the usb c i2s connector on the T2P? Thinking about going with a rpi as a streamer and would like to test out i2s vs usb output into the T2P.

Hello, Welcome aboard. I have yet to see a schematic for the T2P. There is an except from the schematic on the Khadas Blog that may give a little insight…
Note: " USB-C (I2S) Connector Layout:

As to be expected with many other common audio products, our USB-C (I2S) jack’s pin-layout is non-standard. It is designed to function only with our custom high-resolution Bluetooth module.

I2S Bus: Audio

UART: Data

PWR_EXT: Power"

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Just got a TV and i was planning on using T2P on it. The obvious route would be optical to spdif, but… I was thinking if it would be posible to do hdmi (eARC) to i2s?