Tone 2 pro how to view the format and bit rate when playing SPDIF

Hello All,

Is there a way of showing the Format and Bit Rate when connected using SPDIF? It seems to show me when I connect using USB.



Hi, what program are you using for listening?

I’m using the 4Stream or Amazon Music HD in iOS.

Try Foobar, one of Khadas videos had this player.:slightly_smiling_face:

I’m going to try this looks very interesting playing DSD files. My question was really about displaying on the RGB Ring Light.


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Hi, :wink:Tone2 Pro cannot view the format and bit rate when playing SPDIF, because the SPDIF IN signal is directly connected to the DAC ES9038Q2M, it does not link to the XMOS, so XMOS cannot get the the the format and bit Rate about the SPDIF. Only the format and bit rate of USB input can be viewed currently. Of course this message of external I2S can also be viewed when you use our Bluetooth module(BT Magic) if necessary later.


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