Tone 2 pro - headphones

hello, how to connect the pins of the 4.4 mm connector - modification of Senhaiser headphones for use with Tone 2 Pro?
thank you Erich

Tone2 Pro supports both 4.4mm headphone and 3.5mm headphone.The connectors are showing below.

If your headphone is 3.5mm,you can plug connector ① directly,and if it is 4.4mm,you can plug ②.
And then you should chooes right gain mode before you start to enjoy your songs,you should know the impedance of your headphone.You can find the answers in this post.

hank you, I understand that, I am solving this: I removed the 6.3 mm jack and I want to power the 4.4 mm jack and I need to know which pins the channel L +/- and which pins the channel R +/- , or - how the output is connected connector (female) on Tone 2 Pro.
greetings Er

Oh,your headphone’s connector is 6.3mm,and you also have a 6.3mm jack,you want to connect your headphone to Tone2 Pro,right?

  • As I know 6.3mm headphone is unbalanced.4.4mm headphone is balanced.If you want to convert 4.4mm to 6.3mm,you should connect according to following table. L-/R- of 4.4mm should be suspend.
Signal of 6.3mm Signal of 4.4mm
L L+
- L-
R R+
- R-
  • The 4.4 headphone Jack of Tone2 Pro is standard,the definition is also standard.You can refer to the picture below.
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yes, that’s what I needed, thank you and greetings Khadas