Tone 2 pro.: don't worlk the filters

Regards everyone from Spain

My experience with my first tone 1 was very great positive… I came from Dac kali+piano 2.1 with Volumio and RP4.

Tone 1 supossed a different quality, clarity and best scene…

Now, with Tone 2 pro y RP4 (VOLUMIO) + Power liner LSK, on paper os very best, but for me I dont heart and find anything different in Tone 1… Far as If know the filters NO WORKS

I get the last firmware but never work de 7 filters… It’s a pity…

We also don’t have a manual that clearly explains what each filter does (in case it worked, of course …)
Willing to learn from this great forum greetings to all and take good care of you
P.D: 11A1004B

We will release a new firmware to fix some Tone2 Pro software bugs. Once the new firmware has been released and you’ve updated your Tone2 Pro, you can try the Filters again.

The software issue that the setup is not memorable and once reboot the T2P will go back to the default Filter mode.

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