Tone 2 Pro 4.4mm vs RCA

Does sound goes through the same path for 4.4mm connector and for balanced RCA? Just want to clarify, does the sound goes through some addition preamplifier for 4.4mm balanced output gaining additional distortions?

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The comparison table and Audio architecture are following below.

Attribute Output Stage IC Max Output Voltage Volume Adjustment Min THD+N Apply equipment
RCA Line out(LO) OPA1612 4.0Vrms DAC(Pre-AMP) -118dB @ noload Active Speaker/Power Amp
4.4 Headphone Power output(PO) RT6863 5.0Vrms Analog volume -116dB @ noload
-110dB @ 33Ω

Both them can drive high impedance headphone,such as 600Ω. But for low impedance headphone, RCA cannot provide enough current,thus the analog signal must be severe distortion.

The volume adjustment of 4.4 headphone has the little distortions then RCA,as to the analog volume from NJU72315.